what i contribute to the movement 

is my ability to inspire individuals to unlock their power to make change and help philanthropists and corporations to invest. 

My natural strengths lie in activating younger generations to take action, helping them to find their voice, confidence, and full potential to make a difference. I've quickly learned how to reach up to older generations and across industry sectors to create high-value partnerships that meet our shared goal of education equality. 

My training as a journalist, mixed with my expertise in social and digital media, has given me an edge in launching successful grassroots fundraising campaigns and high-profile events. I strategize communications and nurture relationships with everyone from the $5 donor to the five-figure funder.

I draw my experience from:

  • being a first-generation college graduate
  • 10 years of intensive non-profit leadership
  • 5 years of corporate experience in digital magazine publishing, including being the first social media editor of Seventeen.com
  • engaging with the ever-expanding She's the First campus network of 215+ chapters
  • managing a $1.5 million dollar annual budget