Introducing my #SnappyMeals!

Introducing my #SnappyMeals!

No matter how busy we get with our day job, most people know how important it is to carve out time for hobbies--such as fitness, volunteering, art, music, cooking, reading or writing. It's proven to give you an edge in your career. 

Fitness is my best pastime, teaching me that I’m stronger than I think, results take time, and to push through challenges because there are always endorphins at the end.

Recently, I invented a new little hobby for myself that I’m sharing with you because it gave me an ah-ha moment: It's possible to create something you enjoy out of two things you dislike.

I abhor cooking. I dislike the time it takes to make a meal when I get home from the gym after work and am hungry.  I have more work to do and don't want to be preparing food for an hour. Take-out is expensive, so I resort to eating things I can microwave. I'm not proud that I lack basic culinary common sense, but other priorities get in the way.

Snapchat is also something I dislike. I used to love every new social media platform on the scene, but this is one I just couldn’t get behind. Why would I want to publish low-quality, shaky video of my life, that disappears in a day, when I can make high-quality posts on Instagram that last forever? I resent saying I dislike Snapchat, because that means I'm no longer an early adapter of everything and am getting “old,” at least compared to Gen Z. 

I didn't want to lose touch with the social media platform most used by my teenage audience, and I sure don't want to go through the next 70 years with my life depending on the microwave. 

One weekend when I was visiting my family at home (where the kitchen gets used a lot), it came to me! What if I create Snapchat Stories of me cooking meals that have 5 ingredients or less? I love being creative on social media. (That’s how She’s the First was born, after all.)

I scoured my Mom’s awesome Pinterest board for recipe ideas. I pretended I was programming my own cooking show for dummies. I settled on pancakes made out of a banana and two eggs. It doesn’t get easier than that—and it was delicious! You can watch below on YouTube, because, like I said, Snapchat Stories disappear after 24 hours, but at least you can download them before they do.  

The following weekend, I made stuffed peppers filled with a mixture of no-meat beef, shredded cheese, salsa, and rice. My best friend Rachel, who is a true foodie, made a guest appearance!

I started calling them Resnapies, then Snapcipes, and then @Mike_D_Walters gave me the idea to call them #SnappyMeals. And that’s exactly what they are. Ready in a snap and they make me happy.

What do you think: Could you combine any of your dislikes to actually turn them into a new hobby? If so, leave a comment, because I'm curious!

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