“Sweatworking” with She’s the First volunteers, Stephanie Florence of Edelman (wearing her SIX:02 pants!) and Evann Clingan of 360i & EvannClingan.com

“Sweatworking” with She’s the First volunteers, Stephanie Florence of Edelman (wearing her SIX:02 pants!) and Evann Clingan of 360i & EvannClingan.com

A reporter’s query crossed my inbox today, asking about the benefits of “sweatworking” — in other words, doing your networking and relationship-building with colleagues and/or clients through fitness. I had never heard this term before, so first of all, I was incredibly excited to now have a way to describe something I suggest doing all the time.

Why is sweatworking awesome?

  • It’s good for you! Exercise = endorphins = happiness. Basic brain science.
  • People are vulnerable when they work out, especially if it’s their first time taking a particular class. You learn the ropes together, and the shared victory at the end is way more memorable than paying your bar tab when you get drinks.
  • When you’re working out, you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to wear that will make you look as put-together and dignified as your job title. You’re both equally unglamorous and, most importantly, authentic and energized–and that’s where the best partnership and friendship forms.
  • It’s multi-tasking. If this isn't someone you can prioritize in your personal time over close friends or family, slot them into your work-out time. 
  • This does not apply to me, but if you work for a PR firm, in ad sales, or for any company with entertainment budgets, you can expense it.

How do I love to sweatwork?

  • Yoga: Every Sunday at Lululemon, there are free yoga classes. I invite a friend (who is usually invested in She’s the First in a big way, personally or professionally) and afterwards, we grab a coffee and croissant or Bruffin.
  • Cardio Dancing: My friend Sadie Kurzban is the fierce founder of (305) Fitness in the West Village. She’s the First is her cause of choice. Sadie not only organizes donation-based classes for STF whenever she’s introducing a new instructor to her community, but she donates class passes to me so that I can treat my VIPs. I invite people whom I think will become (305) Fitness die-hards and evangelists, so it’s a win-win.
  • Running: When the weather is warmer, nothing beats a run around Central Park. Do it on a Saturday, Instagram a photo and tag it #WillRunforJuice, and you’ll even get a free smoothie at Juice Press locations, between 9am-noon.

How do I propose you sweatwork?

Organize a donation-based Zumba, yoga, or exercise class at your company and invite colleagues. This would make an incredible fundraiser for our #SweatforSTF campaign! Or, invite your clients and partners. Hold the class at a professional studio, like Soul Cycle or Uplift, or bring an instructor into your office. For example, maybe you’re a PR company trying to launch a new beauty product. Say you’ll donate $25 for every magazine editor who comes. That’s far more exciting than all the other PR events they’re invited to that week.

So, who wants to sweatwork with me?